Party Ideas for Watching Martha and Snoop!

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If you haven't watched Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party on VH1, you're missing out. This delightful odd couple is hilarious in the kitchen. Martha Stewart has a rep for being buttoned up and putting everything in its place. Meanwhile, Snoop is the king of laid back. But they joke with each other like old friends, which apparently they are.

The show contrasts Martha's precise culinary chops with Snoop's more intuitive cooking style. They seem to make a case for both ways to prep meals, showing both are valid. For all the divisive issues of 2016, the world needs Martha and Snoop to show that there's a place for all of us at the table. In that spirit, I've come up with a few ideas for a themed viewing party.

How to Host a Martha and Snoop Potluck Dinner Party

1. Gather friends from all walks of life to watch. What makes this show phenomenal (besides the chemistry between the stars) is how up front everyone is about their differences.

2. Steal Snoop's style and don your thickest robe. It'll be both regal and comfortable.

3. Oh and don't forget that bling! In the second episode, Rick Ross presents Martha with a bejeweled cheese grater necklace, because no self-respecting rapper should be seen without some blinding neck jewels. (And Martha can rap apparently.)

4 and 5. Decorate with anything you can find that references Martha and Snoop's careers. Might I suggest this Drop it like it's hot poster and Martha Stewart is my spirit animal poster from Society6.

6. Martha Stewart's fried chicken recipe takes two days, since she brines the chicken in buttermilk overnight for extra juiciness. Get started early if you want to impress guests with your culinary savvy.

7. Snoop's chicken wing recipe (which involves potato chips!) and all the recipes from the show can be found on VH1's website. Whip up a few favorites (like Gruyere popovers and bacon waffles) before the party for guests to munch along while watching, or cook together as you haphazardly try to follow the show. It's all good.

8. Play games. Martha and Snoop don't just execute perfect meals and then grin as the camera does close-ups of the perfectly-styled plates. They sit down and eat with their guests, playing a short game so it feels like a real dinner party, with banter and fun.

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