Happy New Year and 4 Steps to Quick Party Prep!

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Chris and I threw a hastily-planned New Year's Eve party in our new apartment a few days ago. While I dream of throwing color-coordinated themed parties heavy with handmade touches, there isn't always time to put my (some might say too grand) ideas into action. Here are my humble tips for putting together a last-minute shindig.

4 Steps to Quick Party Prep

1. Spend more time on fancy labeling than fancy food. Most of the party foods were appetizers and frozen desserts purchased premade from Trader Joe's (except the gingerbread cookies, which I made into bear shapes, because ginger bears are the cutest ever). I added my own party flair by decorating tent cards with glitter tape. There was even a tent card on the pizza bagels despite it being a pretty self-explanatory food.

2. Make decorations from paper you already have. This paper chain is budget party decor at its best. I used leftover geometric giftwrap to add modern flair to our walls. I wish I had made dozens of these for more impact. Lesson learned.

3. Make a simple craft. Fringe sticks are a cheap and easy craft that packs a lot of pizzazz for how simple they are to make. Basically you cut fringe 3/4 of the way through a ribbon of crepe streamer or crepe paper. Stack layers of the fringed crepe, roll them around a wooden skewer, and tape to secure. They are perfect for waving around as pompoms, topping a drink adorably, or taunting curious cats. Also, as an introvert I need quiet time to myself pre-party; this is a great solo craft to put you in a party-throwing headspace.

4. Ask for help. This yay balloon was extremely easy to put together, since Chris opened the package, blew it up, and hung it on the wall. All I had to do was stand back and nod thoughtfully. Chris also put together a party playlist. He composed a very strange mix of party songs that had our friends dancing, yelling, and generally getting weird.

Even though I'd like to create full-scale ideal events straight from my strangest Nyquil-induced dreams, keeping things simple helps me focus on ensuring guests are smiling, whether that means chatting about my bookshelf or keeping the bagel bites flowing.

Happy 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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