Add DIY Flair to Your Luggage!

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Painted Luggage Suitcase Craft DIY

Faced with a dingy and worn suitcase and a duffel ruined by Sharpie, I decided to DIY my way back to new and exciting luggage. That's why this week's craft is adding flair to my travel bags. 

When you fly frequently, inevitably your bags sit out in the rain while they wait for space in the plane's cargo hold. If your suitcase is a cloth one like mine, it attracts grime that dampens the look of your adorable rollerboard. See what I mean?

Painted luggage suitcase DIY Craft

Mixing 2 parts craft paint with 1 part fabric medium (to ensure the paint sets well on the suitcase fabric), I painted several coats with a foam brush. 

I used painter's tape to tape off some triangle-shaped areas I wanted to paint, making sure the painted areas would cover a lot of the grimy bits of the suitcase. 

It took ages to dry, but when I pulled off the painter's tape, I had some good, clean lines. 

And here's my completed painted suitcase!

My mini duffel bag was also in need of a makeover. This adorable L.L. Bean duffel was my high school gym bag. As such, I was forced to mar its colorful perfection by inking my full name (at the time) on the top in permanent marker.

To cover up my maiden name (and awkward teenage penmanship), I added three adorable patches from Patch Nation. Adding a few of my favorite foods gives this a whimsical touch perfect for calming my pre-flight nerves and making it recognizable as mine.

I used embroidery floss (in colors as close as I could match the patches) to sew these on using a running stitch.

Never again will someone mistakenly pick up my bags off the luggage carousel!

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