Our Halloween Costumes!

7:25 PM

Me and Chris as Pegasus and Hercules

I've been working on Chris' Halloween costume for over a month. I kept shoving this project to the bottom of my to do list because it seemed impossible. Sewing isn't my forte. Plus, creating a pattern for this Hercules outfit required Herculean effort. After looking on Pinterest at costumed versions of Hercules and Megara from Disney's parks, I had a specific image in my mind of how these should look. And my initial attempts weren't quite measuring up.

But we pulled it together at the last minute. I didn't finish making ties for the wrap skirt, but Chris made it work, Project Runway-style, and knotted the corners together. The glitter glue wasn't dry and we smudged it everywhere, but the effect is still there. I have a dozen metal buckles for the belt that we didn't, but Chris wore shorts under his skirt so we weren't worried about indecent exposure.

Chris in his Disney Hercules Halloween Costume
Chris as Disney's Hercules

Much as I adore couple costumes, I couldn't summon the enthusiasm for dressing as Megara. Yeah, she's kind of an unconventional sarcastic leading lady, but she still plays a supporting role to Herc. So I decided to be Pegasus instead. I like to think a mythical flying horse is more my style. Plus, my rainbow-painted toenails and blue-wig mane brought to mind My Little Ponies, aka my favorite thing from childhood.

Disney Pegasus Halloween Costume
Me as Disney's Pegasus

Being Disney's Pegasus doesn't require much effort. All you need are clip-on wings (Party City calls them "feathered epaulets"), a yarn tassel tail and a cheap blue wig. The Hercules costume required a DIY linen tank-top with hand stitching by my super patient mom. The matching linen skirt is my poorly executed effort to follow this wrap-skirt pattern from Rookie while listening to the Girlboss podcast. His belt is pleather with glitter glue. And his glorious super cape is a yard-long piece of blue silk pinned to the tank.

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