Crafting While Convalescing!

11:38 AM

Last month my car was rear-ended when I was stopped at a red light. My brain bounced around in my skull a bit. I was concussed. To heal from the accident, I was supposed to limit screen time. Only under doctor's orders did I remember how much I enjoy zero-pressure projects like the ones below where the process is more important than the result.

We've all been there. You're lying on the couch with a fever. Or a headache. Or a stomachache. Whatever it is, you're not feeling your best. It can be tempting to bingewatch TV until your eyes explode. But I'd like to propose an alternative. I've brought my roundup of ridiculously simple craft projects you can do without a ton of brainpower.

Easy Crafts for When You're Sick

1. Decorate a rock! - Paint, glitter or bedazzle the rock of your choice. There's no right or wrong with this kind of craft. And if you don't achieve the desired result, toss this one and go on a rock walk to look for new makeover candidates (Photo via Create and Grow).

2. Weave some wall art! - Once you master basic weaving, you can weave in different yarns whenever you feel like it. You'll end up with a wall-hanging that's uniquely yours. I love to add wild fringe going in all directions to mimic my hair on a no-shower headache day.

3. Fringe a lantern! - These are so easy to make! Just take a store-bought paper lantern and use double-stick tape to adhere rows of fringed crepe paper. Best of all, once you hang these up, your home will look party-ready all the time.

4. Play with Clay! - I've never made anything this fancy with polymer clay before, but clay is the perfect medium for pounding out your frustrations about our country's medical billing system (Image via hacklock).

5. Paint! - Most abstract art looks ridiculous anyway, so just go for it and start splashing paint everywhere. If it goes on anything other than the canvas, then it also counts as performance art!

6. Assemble a Terrarium! - Even if you can hardly take care of yourself, you can take care of an air plant! I bought this Air Plant Design kit from Scoutmob and in a matter of minutes, I'd put together a new little home for my mini dinosaur.

So these are my favorite healing crafts. When you I successfully execute a project like this, I feel a little more in control of life. Hopefully you will too!!!

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