Rainforest Party Ideas!

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Today I'm sharing nine ideas for creating a rainforest party at home that's more fun than a trip to The Rainforest Cafe!

I absolutely love the Rainforest Cafe. There used to be one in a Maryland mall and we would drive there from Pennsylvania. Sadly, that restaurant no longer brightens children's smiles or burdens parents' wallets in that location.

Me at age 15 at The Rainforest Cafe with my cousin Sabrina

The food there is meh, but a trip to The Rainforest Cafe was a theatrical event. Staring at the fish swimming in the giant arched fishtank/walkway kept me busy while waiting for a table. You could hear trickling waterfall splashes and tropical bird sounds, punctuated by servers yelling "Volcano!!!" as they brought chocolate volcano desserts to eager diners. I miss the tacky scenery of animatronic animals, plastic animal butt seats and the bathroom doors proclaiming either King of the Jungle or Queen of the Nile.

In any case, I think we can all agree this is one of the best places ever. Here are my ideas for recreating the magic at home for those of you who don't happen to own an animatronic gorilla with light-up eyes.

9 Rainforest Party Ideas!

1. Create a leafy garland that hangs out with you. (Image via Plenty of Colour)

2. Use paper bags or brown paper to create a safari guide ensemble that will weird out your adult friends or embarrass your children for generations. (Image via Real Simple)

3. Make one of these adorbs pipecleaner lizards to perch on your shoulder. Then when the time is ripe, yell out, "Leapin' lizards!" and spring it at whomever is closest to you. Assess to see if partygoers find this amusing and repeat if necessary. (Image via Hative)

4. Volcano! This is a copycat recipe for The Rainforest Cafe's signature volcano dessert. Make sure to top it with a sparkler and yell volcano loud enough to set off a (real) volcano with the vibrations of your voice. (Image via Magical Recipes)

5. Make monkey muffins as a festive, theme-appropriate party treat. (Image via Craftaholics Anonymous)

6. This rainforest dirt dessert makes a fun snack for kids or adults. I thought my mom invented this, but it turns out other Martha Stewart devotees were making something similar for their dirt-loving offspring. (Image via Learn Create Love)

7. Bring out your inner fourth-grader by making a terriarium! This tutorial gives you a way to display your rainforest knowledge and crafty skills. (Image via Crafting a Green World)

8. These printable rainforest cupcake toppers give you a way to succeed easily at crafting in case you failed at making the terrarium above. It's okay. Pinterest fails happen to all of us. (Image and printable via OhHappyDay!)

9. Decorate with a paper chain snake! If you have kids, this answers the question of what to do with the constant paper chains they make. (Do kids still make paper chains?) (Image via Shannon's Lil Kinder Cuties)

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any additional rainforest party ideas, memories you want to share about the Rainforest Cafe, thoughts on the paper-chain making habits of today's youth or just want to say hey. 

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