Make Your Own Disco Ball!

8:00 AM

There's something magic about the way disco balls spin around, sending dots of light dancing across the room. You can find cheap disco balls online for only a few dollars (lame), or you can embark on a shiny craft adventure and make your own with real mirror pieces to add some authenticity to your hotel disco dance parties. The choice is yours.

What You'll Need (should you decide to ride the craft train to discotown):

  • Styrofoam ball from the floral section of a craft store - I used a 3.8" one.
  • Enough tiny mirror pieces to cover it. I used 1/2" mirror squares (8 packs of 24)
  • Glue gun + glue sticks 
  • Some kind of cord to attach - I used parachute cord and two nails to hold this, but really you could use any cord or thick ribbon that seems strong enough to hold the weight of a bunch of mirror bits.
  • Silver paint and silver glitter (optional ways to fill in the gaps)

Heat up the glue gun and start gluing mirror pieces in rows. Try to plan how many will fit in each row so you can space them out as needed. As the space gets smaller, you need to adjust how much space you leave between pieces.

Place the pieces as evenly as possible or they will begin to look like my teeth did before I had braces (and a retainer and then braces again).

Before long, you will have a sharp-edged toy to add the element of risk to your cat's life!

When your good pet parent instincts kick in and you realize there is a reason they don't sell anything like this at PetSmart, you can hang it from your ceiling by tying a knot with parachute cord and pressing long nails through the cord into the styrofoam to anchor it.

It looks a bit rough in this picture, so I added some paint and silver glitter in some of the crevices. (You should probably do that step first, but I didn't think about it until afterword.)

Or you can hang it anyplace you have a hook, to make each day a celebration (and continuously drive the cat wild)!!!

Dance party, anyone? If you're looking for disco party ideas, here's my post with disco party ideas!

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