Hot Dog Party Ideas!

8:00 AM

In honor of the approaching July 4th holiday, I'm sharing my favorite hot dog themed ideas for your summer cookout! This year, celebrate your independence from having to cover everything in red, white, and blue and putting American flags everywhere. Celebrate your freedom to eat the unhealthy mystery meat that is the American hot dog!

9 Ideas for a Hot Dog Themed Cookout!

1. Spice up your cookout with hot dog recipes from the cookbook, Haute Dogs. Even though this one is the Colombian Pineapple dog, I think we can all agree that piling foods unnecessary high with toppings and nonsense (especially chips)  is especially American.

2. It's been a long year for America, full of stressful news. Treat yourself to a hot dog cupcake this Independence Day. (Photo and recipe via Chez Catey Lou)

3. Sometimes vegetarians and vegans come to your meat-filled barbecues. Instead of throwing a fake-meat veggie dog their way, why not change it up on them and serve some roasted carrot dogs with a variety of toppings. (Photo and recipe via Mr. Kate)

4. Bring out the party animal in your guests with these animal-shaped hot dog trays. (Photo, printable, and tutorial via Handmade Charlotte)

5. Print these adorable hot dogs for a hot dog lace-up game that tests kids' fine motor skills, as well as adults' level of drunkenness. It's all-ages fun! (Photo and printable via Classic Play)

6. If you've got extra wood or cardboard and are handy with tools, make a carnival-style hot dog stand to amp up your hot-dog-serving game! (Photo via Catch My Party)

7. What is more American than Twinkies? Make Twinkies look like hot dogs on a stick for an easy-to-eat outdoor party treat! (Photo via Oh Sugar Events)

8. Fill your yard with hot dog balloons! Yes, I featured this balloon before when discussing beach party ideas. But I'm repeating it to let my readers know how important it is to fill your gatherings with hot dog balloons. So important. (Buy it at OhShinyPaperCo on Etsy)

9. I think this cute printable is meant to be wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper. But I think it makes a great starting point for any sort of decorations you want to make—a garland, placemats, a table runner, etc. (Printable via Printable Paper Treats)

Happy Fourth, everybody!!!!!!

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