Hosting Pregnant Guests and Partying While Pregnant

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My lovely friend Priscilla Allen partying while pregnant.

I'm in awe of my lady friends' ability to dance and celebrate with the best of them, even in the late months of their pregnancies. I've never been pregnant, but I do want to consider everyone's needs when I'm throwing a get-together. I asked my girlfriends Carolyn and Priscilla for tips on throwing parties even pregnant guests can enjoy and they were kind enough to share their wisdom with me!

How to Host Pregnant Guests

Check in with any pregnant guests a few days before an event, to see if there is anything you can do to make them comfortable. Priscilla says, "Have water, a bathroom, and a chair available and your pregnant lady will be A-ok! If it is some kind of long event, having a place to rest is nice, also."

You may want to ask which foods currently make them nauseous. You don't need to completely alter your planned menu, but it's a good idea to make sure there's something there they can eat. Priscilla notes, "Many parties have cold sandwiches with ham/turkey cold cuts. Most doctors advise pregnant women against consuming these, as they can carry listeria, an illness causing bacteria. If that is the only entree at your party, your pregnant lady may be hungry." (So no fancy hot dogs for these ladies.)

Having sparkling cider (or another non-alcoholic drink like a Shirley Temple) on hand for toasts is a good idea, Carolyn says. That way your pregnant guests won't feel left out of the festivities.

Carolyn (left) rocking it out at a wedding!

Partying While Pregnant

Priscilla cautions that you can't put life on hold, just because you're pregnant. "You will still have family parties, nights out with your girls, weddings, and all manner of interesting and fun things to do! These things may take a few extra steps of planning, but you can still do most of the things you liked to do before you got a bun in the oven." 

When you are pregnant, Priscilla says, food is your frenemy! "It can make you feel better during the first trimester (mmm crackers and ginger ale). It can make you crave a strange variety during the second trimester: popcorn and candy, pickles, sauerkraut, cheeseburgers, etc. It can keep you awake with a burning esophagus in your third trimester (when your pizza craving gives you terrible heartburn!) The moral is: have food available that will make you feel better/stop your craving/not make you feel sick."

Carolyn makes sure to wear flats to keep her feet happy on the dance floor. Comfortable shoes, along with staying hydrated, allowed her to boogie nonstop at a wedding she attended recently. "I was able to twirl and twist and shake my mama booty on the dance floor, just no jumping or breakdancing!" Priscilla agrees, "Having comfortable clothing and footwear is definitely a must. Think about what the temperature will be wherever you are going because it is important not to become overheated. Layers are best in the cooler weather!"

Everyone struggles with different things while pregnant. Priscilla notes, "My sister-in-law had gestational diabetes and had to follow a special diet, and I know that was difficult for her. A friend had terrible nausea with her pregnancies. I have bad back pain with mine (alleviated by yoga). Know your weaknesses and prepare ahead of time when you want to do something fun!"

Carolyn thinks hosts shouldn't have to do too much to accommodate pregnant guests. Most of the responsibility, she says, is on the pregnant one to know her limits so she doesn't overdo it. Priscilla agrees that being pregnant can be exhausting. "If you are going to be out dancing like a loon with your high school friends at a wedding, you may want to take a little snooze before heading out! If you are exercising, give yourself an extra break." Both agreed that it's okay to sometimes sit out events when you're pregnant. Sometimes you just can't do it all!

In addition to being a mother of one, with another one on the way, Carolyn is an RN and an adjunct nursing faculty member for a local college. Priscilla is a stay-at-home mom of two, who shares her thoughts about cooking, crafting, and mothering on her blog, The Mother Lode.

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