6 Signs You're Watching Too Much Food TV

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From Chopped to America's Worst Cooks, celebrity chefs and amateur cooks alike have cooked their way into your heart and mine via The Food Network. For those of us who sometimes buy cookbooks for the glossy spreads within, watching culinary shows on TV lets us explore all the intricacies of skillfully preparing a meal, without having to budge from the couch.

Ever wonder where the hours go as you binge on Netflix shows where chefs dice and chop their way to a coveted title? Here's how to know when you're overindulging on cooking shows!

6 Signs You're Watching Too Many Cooking Shows 

1. Rather than just plop takeout onto paper plates, you've begun to "plate" your food, adding artful garnishes and arranging food into abnormal shapes. Consequently, family and friends are unsure when/if they are allowed to dig in.

2. Anyone who bosses you around in the kitchen gets a brisk, "Yes, Chef!"

3. When you finish preparing a meal, you throw both hands in the air as though a judge has just said, "Time's up. Please set back."

4. You ask your dinner companions too many questions about what you've served. "How do you feel about the flavor profile?" "Didn't I take a risk here?"

5. When you put a pie in the oven to bake, and you already have a second pie finished to pull out of the oven, fully baked, so your "viewers" don't have to wait for it to bake.

6. You think up dramatic phrases in case anyone needs to film confessional-style video of you reflecting on what you've just cooked. "Cooking those dumplings was like dancing in a building on fire!"

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Well, kids, I think we probably have all been watching too many Food Network shows....right? Not just me?

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