Sushi Party Ideas!

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Bring the fun of sushi to your own home with a sushi-themed party with just enough kawaii (cuteness) to impress Hello Kitty! Here are my ideas for pulling off a sushi get-together your pals won't soon forget.

8 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Sushi Party

1. Don't spend hours cooking. Instead assemble a buffet of fresh fish, veggies, sushi rice, and nori so everyone can make their own temaki (hand rolls). (My recipe for salmon temaki is here.)

2. Serve something sweet and unexpected.  Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to a Japanese dish that "goes" well with sushi. Who says dessert has to go with the main course? This fruit sushi dessert is utterly adorable, as are s'mores sushi and sushi cake. (Photo and recipe at

3. Make cute takeaway boxes. In case there are leftovers (or you want to send attendees home with something wacky to remember the night), I suggest you decorate takeaway boxes and or use felt to make fake sushi rolls you can store treats inside. (Photo via JustMePrints)

4. Decorate with fabric. Make an easy tablecloth and a matching banner with this cute sushi-print fabric to keep the mood playful. (From SewStitchingHappy on Etsy)

5. Add flair. Create a theme-appropriate ensemble by adding this flirtatious pin to whatever dark green outfit you own. (From queeniescards on Etsy)

6. Have a game. Make guests work for their chopsticks by putting them in a sushi piñata that everyone has to break open. (My DIY here)

7. Make it memorable. If you have kids, dress them up like sushi and in 20 years, ask them how they feel about it. Fun! (I thought about calling this one "Give the kids something to talk about in therapy." OR "Can you tell I don't have kids?") (Photo via StyleMePretty)

8. Tat up. It's my belief that you're never too old for temporary tattoos. Celebrate Japan's heritage with these cute sumo dude tattoos. (from TatalooTattoo on Etsy)

If you have any further sushi party ideas or ideas for party themes you'd like to see on Confetti Casserole, let me know in the Comments section!

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