Planes, Trains, and Cars Party Ideas!

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For anyone looking for creative party ideas for kids, this post is for you! My friend Julie threw her three-year-old son a Planes, Trains, and Cars party, and is guest-posting today about how she turned her Pinterest inspiration into a memorable birthday celebration for the little one. Okay, Julie, take it away!

When my oldest’s birthday was coming up I wanted to do something special, since we didn’t do much to celebrate last year when I was pregnant with his little brother.  Picking a Trains, Planes, and Automobiles theme was easy, since like most kids, he loves anything that has a motor! Pinterest helped me out with all sorts of fun ideas—here are a few of my favorite things from his party: 

1. I opted for an “under construction” feel for the cake, because I had a bulldozer to put on top of it, but really because it was easier to not worry about precise lines! Shout out to Betty Crocker for a delicious mix—there were no leftovers! 

2. I’ve made masking-tape roads on the floor of my kitchen before, and knew it would be even more fun in the wide open space of our townhouse's community room. The kids loved it!

3. My sister helped decorate table runners with yellow tape to look like roads. We used the same colorful masking tape I got for the roads on the floor, and accessorized with red, yellow, and green plates to mimic traffic lights. 
4. Here's a photo of my husband and I with the birthday boy! I used this highway sign to show people where to park (Exit 3 because Ted's turning 3, of course!), and decorated with a variety of other street signs. My personal favorites had cheesy jokes worked in, like the DIP sign near the salsa, speed limit signs with 3’s on them, and a detour sign pointing to the bathrooms.

5. I made invitations with transportation clip art I found on Etsy. I printed them on card stock and then deleted the party info to print matching thank you notes.

6. These cardboard trucks were my favorite decorations—which is crazy because we threw actual trash and recycling in them. We duct-taped trash bags inside so they didn’t turn into soggy messes on the floor.  

If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing party theme for the three-and-under set, look no further! Thanks to all this Pinterest inspiration (plus a little help from my sisters to pull the decorations together), our party was a hit, and yours will be too!

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  1. It was a fantastic Birthday party!


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