Forest Feast!

8:00 AM

Inspired by a cookbook called The Forest Feast, I planned a picnic date where Chris and I feasted in the forest. This lush and colorful cookbook is filled with easy-to-follow vegetable-centric recipes. The Forest Feast features lots of close-ups of vegetarian dishes author Erin Gleason cooks at her Northern California cabin in the woods.

We made the carrot and zucchini pasta (adding chicken sausage because we're unapologetic carnivores who like our meat), the garlic knots, and strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt and brown sugar. The pasta and garlic knots were both fairly easy recipes with a LOT of fresh garlic. I was thankful to have a boyfriend who doesn't mind eating a date-night meal that gives us both garlicky breath!

Then we ventured outside on a hot, sunny Atlanta day to set up camp on a rock beside the Chattahoochee river.

Setting up and taking selfies . . .

The strawberries didn't quite turn out as gorgeous as they did in the book. Ours got warm on the walk outside and the Greek yogurt mixed with the brown sugar into a sludgy paste. There's definitely a reason the author mentions you should eat them right away!

It's fun to cook from the recipes in The Forest Feast because the instructions are clearly written over pictures of the ingredients. There are so few steps in each recipe that they're hard to mess up, even if you're like me and are trying to cook three things at once and keep flipping back and forth through the pages!

See what I mean? This is a seriously pretty cookbook. If you plan on having a forest feast of your own (or just want to check out the mix of watercolor lettering and epic food photos), pick up a copy of The Forest Feast wherever you like to buy books.

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