Easy DIY Tassels!

8:00 AM

Conventional tool boxes seemed too bulky and masculine for me, so I added tassels to this compact gardening bag as a reminder that being self sufficient can be fun and adorable.

Every adult should have his or her own tool set. It's rewarding to be able to hang art on the walls or make quick repairs without having to call in backup. Until last week, my tools were a ragtag jumble of things I'd accumulated over the years. But it finally occurred to me that it might be nice to pare down and put everything I needed in one easy-to-grab bag.

Deck out your blah store containers with fun fringe, using this easy tassel DIY!

DIY Tassels

You'll need:
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
Fold the floss in half and slide off the paper labels. 

Pull out at least 6 inches of floss from the end.

Leaving a loop at the top, wrap the tail of the floss around the folded piece, making a knot when you are nearly out of extra tail.

Then use scissors to cut the bottom folds of the floss so this part fans out like a tassel.

Now you're done! How easy is that?

Now that you're a tassel pro, you can tackle some of my favorite tassel crafts from around the web!

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