Where to Wear Your Flower Crown!

8:09 AM

Since I learned to make flower crowns at the Craftcation conference, I've wanted to wear one every day. I'm constantly bombarded by gorgeous photos on Pinterest of ladies with long flowing hair donning flower crowns for weddings and events. I think they look phenomenal on bridesmaids and such, but I can't help but wonder why not wear our flower crowns in everyday life? These crafty hair-taming head wreaths should proudly go with us all over town, making our lives' journeys a bit more colorful and alive. What follows is my round up of where you should wear your flower crown (everywhere). 

On a Hike

Why not show nature your appreciation and blend in a bit? Bonus points if you have flower running pants like me.

Out to Dinner

This colorful Indian restaurantChai Pani in Decatur, GAwas the perfect place to brighten a plain outfit with a pop-of-color accessory like a flower crown!

On the Playground

Show you belong at the playground with a flower crown proclaiming your carefree spirit!

On a Road Trip

Whether you're driving across the country or just across town, topping your head with flowers is a great way to get into the No Rules spirit of road tripping!

Brunch with Friends 

Even if you're in pajamas or cat-hair covered yesterday's clothes, show your friends you dressed up for brunch by wearing your fanciest flower headgear.

By the Pool

Nothing says relaxation like lounging by the still waters of an empty pool with the scent of flowers in the air.

So basically, you should wear flower crowns anywhere and everywhere, because they look adorable and keep your hair in place! Let me know in the comments if you have other ideas of where to wear flower crowns.

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  1. I love you approach! I wore a flower crown once in college. It was fabulous, but I always figured I'd have to wait for another event like that to wear one again... it sounds more fun to add them to regular life!

    1. Thank you! It IS more fun in regular life!


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