Food Truck Daydreams!

8:50 AM

On some long afternoons, I daydream about quitting work to start a food truck. Obviously, I would peer pressure my boyfriend, Chris, to help me out with design, food prep, hawking my wares (basically everything). There's a sizable food truck scene in Atlanta, so we're often checking out some of the unique ones around town. In the photo below, I'm proclaiming my love of the food truck scene and local healthy street food provider, Happy Belly.

Chris and I brainstormed what kind of truck we would have. Here are a few of our ideas:


This would be a s'mores truck, where we would make custom s'mores with fancy fixins'. (Southerners love meals that involve fixins'. This I have learned.) There'd be raspberry jam s'mores, peanut butter s'mores, TWIX s'mores, KitKat s'mores, vegan s'mores, and gummy worm s'mores.

Is it Lemonade? 

Our logo would be a question mark over an eye-blindingly-bright lemon illustration. We would never openly admit whether or not there was lemon in our lemonade. Our lemonade(?) flavors would include jalapeno, blueberry, and mint.  

Totaffle & Falafel Waffles

Basically, we would use a bunch of wafflemakers to waffleize tator tots and falafel. Putting your totaffle or falafel waffle on a waffle waffle would be an option. To order a tator tot waffle on top of a regular waffle, you'd say "I'd like a totaffle waffel waffel waffle." 

Happy Donut Time!

Happy Donut Time! would be loosely Japanese-themed, and feature some knock-off Japanese cute culture. Instead of hello kitty, there would be a hello donut. We'd have an experimental donut flavor every day in addition to our regular donuts. Oh and we'd always have a green tea donut, because we ate one in California that was wonderful and I'd love to learn to bake those.

I think the picture above perfect illustrates our mixture of excitement and fear at what it would be like to have a food truck for real. Unfortunately, running a food truck requires a sound business plan, as well as permits and start-up cashall things I don't really have. So for now, my food truck plans may have to remain daydreams.

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