DIY Sushi Piñata!

8:00 AM

Since I've made temaki handrolls and thrown a piñata party, I decided to combine those two loves into one wacky craft: making a sushi piñata. Some of my favorite bloggers throw together a piñata in no time flat, but I was sure this would take hours upon hours. Nope! Making a piñata is as easy as assembling a shape out of cardboard and covering it with crepe paper. 

What You'll Need:
a medium-sized cardboard box
lots of double-stick tape
dark green tissue paper
white crepe paper
Crepe or tissue in other colors to mimic whatever kind of sushi you like
shipping tape (or other heavy duty tape)
fringe scissors (optional)

Let's get started! 

I used an old Stitch Fix box, because the printed inside is adorable. I cut 9" circles from the large sides of the box and 11"x 6" rectangles from the box flaps. It's helpful to trace a 9" pie pan to get perfectly round circles.

I gently bent the rectangular pieces to form a curve and taped those to the circle pieces using the clear packing tape.

Stand your cardboard cylinder on its side to cut a flap at the top, so there's space to fill your creation with treats!

Use the green tissue paper to cover the curved sides. This will be the nori (seaweed). I did a flat layer, then fringed pieces of tissue paper to layer along the sides, as shown below.

Having fringe scissors makes quick work of adding fringey flair to any craft project and I highly recommend them!

Fringe a whole bunch of white crepe streamer and begin to layer strands from bottom to top of the circular flat sides. Then cut out blobs of streamers to represent your sushi fillings. I went with pink for salmon and green for avocado, but really the sky's the limit here, people. Once you've covered all the spaces with fringe, all you need to do is stuff the piñata and get ready to party!

Kampai! (That's cheers to all you non-Japanophiles.) 

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