Weird Shop Names!

8:53 AM

There were so many strangely named shops in Los Angeles! Since visiting LA involves endless driving in circles, I had a lot of chances to look out the window at shops and yell out the goofiest names of businesses I saw. As you can see above, some of them were pretty weird. Mario's Brothers was a mini-mart. Tres Rad was a boutique near Venice Beach selling beach souvenirs like tote bags and towels. Eggslut was an egg-sandwich place in downtown LA's Grand Central Market. (We hovered near the endlessly long line, pondering whether the patrons were slutty and whether everyone was ordering the signature dish, the Slut. Near Eggslut there was another place I found hysterically funny that I should've photographed: Ramen Hood.

The pun-filled names of trendy boutiques got me thinking. What if we could rename other dull things in our communities to inject a little more pizzazz? Couldn't we give all the Main streets in America jazzier names? Why not call them "The Street All the Other Streets Wish They Were" or "The Best Road Ever" or "You're Really Going to Love this One"?

Just a few random thoughts after returning from California and visiting a bunch of exciting places in LA. I met lots of creative ladies, ate tasty foods, visited the coolest bookstore ever ever (The Last Bookstore), and just generally worked on relaxing and getting out of a creative rut.

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  1. Welcome home! Glad you found such interesting things to do and some of those names are hysterical!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to be back in Atlanta!

  2. Oh, Ramen Hood, that is punny! Oops, I mean funny!


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