Piñata and Piña Colada Party!

8:19 AM

Even though National Piña Colada Day isn't until July 10, I decided we should celebrate a little early. So I rounded up a few friends, asked everyone to bring a piñata, and revved up the blender. The idea was to get everyone to stuff their piñatas with unexpected things and to keep the party going by whacking them open one by one. I highly recommend this as a Cinco de Mayo party idea!

We set the scene with streamers, pinatas, honeycomb decorations, and a Mexican banner I bought on Olvera Street during my recent trip to LA. The flamingo piñata has been sitting in my closet since the bird brunch and was eager for a day out (though, sadly, the day ended in his beheading).

For the piña colada, I used the recipe in my handy new bar book The Home Bartender. They came out pretty well, but I quickly learned that cubed ice doesn't require much blending to become crushed ice. The first batch was more like spiked coconut milk than a blended drink.

I accented the drinks with cute straws from Target:

If you live in an apartment building with other apartments nearby, maybe ask a friend with a house to host your piñata party, as the neighbors may wonder what those loud thuds and all the shouting are about. Strangely, my neighbors said nothing, though I half expected the police to ask us to quiet down.

Even though the party began with everyone discussing how the piñatas were too cute to hit open, taking a whack at one made people bloodthirsty (crepethirsty?).

Observe how adorable this Hello Kitty piñata is.

Now observe my friend Katie, a quiet vegetarian, attacking that sweet Hello Kitty piñata with murderous glee. 

A word about breaking open pinatas: you are supposed to use a piñata stick. Apparently, they sell cute, affordable ones at Target. You should not use a cheap, plastic wiffle ball bat because it did not occur to you to research how to hit open a piñata before throwing the party. (This post is not sponsored by Target, though almost everything you see in all the pictures can be purchased at Target. There may or may not have been a ten-minute conversation about how everyone was at Target the same day.) Also from Target: this piñata-shaped dip container (Yes, you do need this for Cinco de Mayo):

Everyone got a bag to stash whatever random goodies fell out of the piñata. Some of the piñata were simply filled with candy, which I'm told is customary for piñata stuffing. But others really went with the weirdness and filled them with the unexpected. Taylor filled hers with tiny plastic animals and super balls that went flying everywhere. One of mine was filled with pens. Another pinata had small drink umbrellas along with tiny alcohol bottles. Perhaps the most unexpected pinata filling was puzzle pieces!

Oh and my pepper piñata was filled with peppers!

So basically, we had a lot of fun and everyone went home with a bunch of weird goodies!

Oh and my roommate Taylor got a haircut with bangs and it looks adorable!

For more on where to get adorable piñatas, read my post about Weird and Wonderful Piñatas!

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  1. "murderous glee"
    I mean, I protested, but it does look like I am especially happy about beating Hello Kitty with a stick. :P

    1. Maybe I should have said 'mildly frenzied'?

  2. This is such a fun idea!! I love it!

    1. Thank you! I don't think my neighbors who endured the sound of us hitting open like 10 different pinatas will agree, but we had fun!


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