I Will Name Your Baby!

9:34 AM

I've heard that naming babies can be difficult. You stress about whether the name you choose for your child will adequately express the fullness of his or her personality. Whatever name you choose, they'll carry around for the rest of their life. What if Draco finds he's unable to land a coveted job because of his evil-sounding name? What if little Miley sends laser beams out her eyes at you because her name means she's always being lumped in with a popstar?

Well, it's your lucky day, because I'm giving you the opportunity to push off that blame on someone else! When you child wonders why she is one of fourteen girls named Bella in her Kindergarten class, you can say, "Sorry, your name was chosen by Abby, a freelance baby-namer."

Help put my creative energies to good use! Email me at sayaquickhello@confetticasserole.com with your answers to the questions below, and after a day or so of careful thought, I'll email back two name suggestions (one for each gender) for your future offspring, real or hypothetical. 

Baby Naming Questionnaire

  1. If you had unlimited money, where would your top travel destination be?
  2. What's your favorite food?
  3. What is your spirit animal?
  4. What's your dad's middle name?
  5. Name a TV show that you never miss.
  6. What organized religion, if any, do you follow?
  7. What is the number one trait you desire you child to possess? 
  8. Name one activity or hobby that you like to do in your spare time.
  9. What was your favorite subject in high school? 
  10. What's your favorite sound?

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  1. 1. Probably the Philippines, but maybe SpaceX tourist trips.

    2. Sushi

    3. Eagle

    4. Gregory

    5. The Walking Dead

    6. Roman Catholic

    7. Gumption

    8. Cooking

    9. Math. Or maybe lunch.

    10. The sizzling from a fresh, hot plate of fajitas!

    I think being hungry has biased my answers.

    1. Thanks for filling this out! I came up with a bunch of names, most of which are Roman Catholic Saints: Linus (with that sizzling fajita S sound), Felix, Adrian (a saint that showed particular gumption), Anastasia, Appollonia, Aurelia, and Madeleine.


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