Crazy Cat Books!

8:30 AM

It drives me crazy how women are deemed "crazy cat ladies" if they really really love cats. I don't really understand why it's crazy to love a soft, warm being that follows you around, snuggles against your legs, and generally provides hours of entertainment. I'd like to point out here that never has a man been called a "crazy dog man" even if he has three or more pooches and runs around with them all leashed simultaneously. So I've provided a round up of books celebrating the adorableness of cats, more than half of which are authored by men.

1. Men with Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship, by David Williams - This book shows various men with their feline companions.

2. How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom, written by Patricia Carlin and photographs by Dustin Fensdemacher - Full disclosure: I own this book and I utterly love it.

3. Tiny Cat, by Yoneo Morita - Another male-driven cat book!

4. Tiny Hats on Cats: Because Every Cat Deserves to Feel Fancy, by Adam Ellis - Finally, a man in tune with feline needs! Every cat does deserve to feel fancy! (Although, to be fair, I think most of them already do.)

5. You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats, by Francesco Marciuliano - Who better to give advice than cats, animals that spend a crazy amount of time sleeping, never stress about anything, and have people to feed and clean up after them?

6. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Crafts to Make with Your Cat, written by Kaori Tsutaya and translated by Amy Hirshman - Okay, so this title is straight crazy and is written and translated by ladies. But that doesn't mean they're cat ladies. They're smart ladies who know how to monetize the obsession so many of us have with all things feline. Enough said.

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