8 Places I'm Excited to See in LA!

8:38 AM

I can't wait to go to California later this week! After spending a few days in Ventura, California, where I'll be attending a craft conference, Chris and I are taking three days to explore Los Angeles. While I'm not naive enough to think we'll be able to see everything there is to see in that short amount of time, I'm hoping we'll get to do lots of fun stuff and imbibe the bright and sunny flavors of L.A. Here are 8 things I'm excited to see there!

1. The Pacific Ocean - Can you believe I've never seen the Pacific Ocean? I can't wait to dip my toes in! (Photo by Miann Scanlan)

2. Olvera Street - This is apparently a Mexican marketplace. I'm hoping to find pinatas, mini pinatas, or any sort of pinata party decor. (Photo by Sarah Collins for Neon Tommy)

3. The Last Bookstore - Boooooks!! This one needs no explanation. But from the light internet stalking I've done, it seems this place has book archways and a bookstore cat, so it's definitely worth a browse. (Photo from The Last Bookstore)

4. Griffith Observatory - Hopefully we can go in the evening and romantically look out over the city together. Or my fear of heights will flare up and I will hug the wall and be proud of myself for not vomiting. Baby steps. (Photo via Tripadvisor)

5. Grand Central Terminal - Like all my favorite food hall-type places (Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Chelsea Market in New York, and Krog Street Market in Atlanta) this place combines diverse food stalls under one roof so options abound. Plus there's a place called Eggslut, so you know it's fly. (Photo by Amanda Friedman for Sunset)

6. Pink's Hot Dogs - The hot dog phase I went through as a kid went on embarrassingly long, so I might need to relive the glory days by eating a hot dog at this L.A. landmark.

7. Donut Snob - Apparently there's a donut delivery service for when you're too lazy to go to any one of L.A.'s shops for fancy donuts. Who knows if we'll order donuts. but I definitely am hoping to class up my donut game while I'm here. (Photo via Oh Joy!)

8. Ramen - Chris is a big fan of Japanese ramen. The warm broth, the slippery noodles, spicy notes, and unidentifiable meatsall of these things make ramen a comfort food we have to seek out when we visit Los Angeles' Little Toyko neighborhood. (Photo via Savory Road)

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i hope you got to all 8 of them! loving your blog and hope to meet you at craftcation!

    if you're ever in LA, you have friend here


    1. Thanks! We didn't make it to the hot dog place, but we did everything else!


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