Setting the Table Woodland-Style!

9:23 AM

I love setting the table with a particular theme in mind! It's one way to make everyday meals more memorable and unique. Adding fun touches shows your dinner companions that you care about their dining experience. Here I've gone with a woodland theme, choosing tablecloths the color of tree bark and using pinecones to hold leaf-shaped placecards.

(Chris is probably reading this and thinking, "Wait, did this happen? Did we have a woodland-themed dinner date at your coffee table and I totally forgot about it?" Um, no. I just set the table for a non-existent date, like people normally do in their afternoons by themselves. Totally normal.)

I set out my woodland friends on a wood round, so they can creepily stare at me while I eat. Hello, owls!

To add some color, I used craft paper in a forest print to adorn the placemats and napkins.

As you can see, it's easy to transform an average dinner table into a subtly woodland-themed occasion!

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