Making Sushi Hand Rolls!

9:49 AM

This week, I made my first sushi handrolls! These handrolls, which the Japanese call temaki, make great weeknight meals because they're quick and easy. I assembled a bunch of fresh ingredients, including avocado, sashimi-grade salmon cut into thin slices, and radish sprouts.

Then I steamed some sushi rice, which took about 30 minutes (20 minutes of cooking and 10 minutes of letting it sit after I take the pot off the burner). Adding two tablespoons of rice vinegar to my 1 cup (2 cups when cooked) of rice gave it that great flavor that goes so well with the nori (seaweed).

I bought the handroll type of sushi nori, which has perforations on it, so you can tear this into long rectangles. To assemble the temaki, you cluster all the ingredients into one corner as shown below.

Then you roll this into a cone shape and you've got a tasty and fresh handheld meal!

A word of advice: don't take this out on the porch to photograph and leave a plate of fresh salmon in front of an always-hungry cat.

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