Hotel Disco Dance Party!

8:58 AM

Feeling like there hasn't been enough random dancing in your life lately? Then reserve a hotel room, cover it with disco balls, queue some 70s tunes on Spotify, and start that disco inferno! Here are my tips for a discotastic DJ dance party.

What to Wear

When getting dressed for your DJ Disco Dance Party, I recommend throwing together as many glitzy accessories as possible. Throw around more light than a disco ball with these additions to your attire:

1. Pop on a disco ball headband (from Brit + Co) to keep your hair out of your face while you make it clear that you love to boogie.
2. Better yet, get a tinsel wig so your whole head is sparkling.
3. If you don't have glitter shoes already, get a thrift store pair and cover them with fabric glue and silver glitter (Jill Solomon Photography).

How to Decorate

To decorate for your disco party, make sure you buy or make as many disco balls as possible. That way you can go with low lighting and what few streams of light shine through the window will bounce off EVERYTHING.

4. Put a disco ball on a chair. Put one in the bathroom. Put one inside the mini-bar (from Refinery29 on Instagram). Put one every place that makes sense and even in a few places that don't make sense. Don't stop till you get enough!
5. Seriously, put disco balls EVERYWHERE (saved by Tan + Dan on Pinterest)!
6. Cover the walls with tassel banners (Confetti System). Maybe even make a disco ball pinata.

What to Eat and Drink

7. Whip up a batch of these record cupcakes (tutorial at eHow) to keep everyone's sugar levels sky high.
8. Two words: Disco truffles (recipe at SugarHero). They're a glittery bite of wonder.
9. Add some sparkle to your guests' refreshments with DIY disco ball swizzle sticks. Even if the beverage of choice is PBR, everything will shine (tutorial at Julep).

Now it's Saturday Night Fever time!

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