Hello, Spring: My Week of Brightly Colored Outfits!

8:47 AM

To welcome Spring, I thought I'd wear all my brightest clothes in a mashup of color. Observe.

Day 1

I was nervous about wearing all the bright colors at once, but a lady in the elevator at work told me she loved my purple shoes, so I figured all the khaki-clad 9-to-5ers were checking my style for tips.

Top: Brixon Ivy via Stitch Fix. Pants: Anthropologie. Shoes: JCrew.

Day 2

I worked from home on Tuesday, so my cat and my roommates are the only ones who saw this ensemble. Working in my colorful clothes definitely made me more work-minded than when I work in my pj pants.

Top: JCrew, White jeans: JCrew. Sandals: Mephisto. Sweater: GAP.

Day 3

Yep, I rewore the same sweater two days in row. I just wanted to show you how aqua looks great with everything. Let's not make a big deal of it.

Dress: Loft. Sweater: Gap.

Day 4

It turns out my phone doesn't actually fit inside this bright yellow clutch I bought at Goodwill. There is no label as far as I can tell. But as you can see from the photo above, I finally learned how to pose in a way besides hand-on-hip-one-leg-bent.

Top: Gap. Tank: Loft. Sweater: Crewcuts (Yes, this is a children's sweater.). Pants: Loft. Shoes: JCrew.

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