Copycat Anthropologie Watercolor Painting!

8:32 AM

Anthropologie sells lots of quirky, colorful things that add life and texture to people's homes. But the prices for their housewares can be bafflingly expensive.

Take the splotchy watercolor painting seen in the catalog photo below. I love how the brightness of the painting catches your eye and adds a friendly, upbeat feeling to the room. But what looks like a couple of quick blobs of color on a canvas costs a whopping $3,598, which (needless to say) is a bit out of my price range.

So I picked up a watercolor set and canvases at Target and I set out to recreate this painting on a budget of $25.

Getting my swoops and swirls to blend cohesively presented a bit of trouble for me, so my painting ended up somewhat blocky. It was hard getting the colors dark enough too. Even using only small amounts of water and layering the paint on the canvas didn't go very far. My boyfriend pointed out that Anthropologie's catalog doesn't specify the medium, so I have no idea if this was watercolor or not. 

Here's how it turned out: 

Obviously I didn't discover that I had any latent watercolor talent, just waiting to burst forth. Any hopes I had of Anthropologie reproducing my art and paying me tons of money for it were dashed.

On the bright side, I only spent $25 and I have a new self-made piece of art, ready to add brightness to my apartment!

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