Baby Showers for Dads!

9:09 AM

This week I found out my coworker whose wife is expecting a baby in May gave his two weeks notice. That meant our window to throw him a man-shower was closing, so we threw this superhero-loving dude a small Superman-themed get together in the conference room.

We had snacks in the streamer-festooned conference room and went to together on a group gift. Publix made a mean Superman cake, and I made my own superbaby confetti. (I printed out pictures of babies dressed in Superman costumes and punched them out with my 1.5" hole punch to make Superbaby confetti.) It was quick, easy, and heartfelt.

But it made me wonderwhy don't we throw showers for expectant fathers more often? With more and more men becoming stay-at-home dads and assuming an equal (or at least larger than in the past) share of childcare duties, aren't we just as excited about men becoming fathers as we are about women becoming mothers? Won't the men use all the necessary baby hardware just as much as their baby mommas? Anyway, for as much fun as ladies-only showers are, co-ed ones bring down the squealing volume and are much more enjoyable in my book!

(Unrelated note: I haven't yet figured out why the Justice League needs to be constantly creeping on Superman, flying behind him in formation. What are theygeese?)

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