Decor Trend: Ironic Thuggery!

9:31 AM

I've been seeing this more and more. Phrases once exclusively used by rappers are now being appropriated by nerds and ironically displayed on a variety of housewares. Middle-class suburbanites are using "thug life" to describe clearing out the produce section at Whole Foods, bloggers are putting "hustle" posters above their desks, and hipsters are hanging cross-stitches on the walls about how gangster they are. Get with these crazy times with the above home goods.

  1. Nothing says thug like a flowery rug (Society6).
  2. Cats are the original gangsters, strutting their beauty in flower crowns (Society6).
  3. Taylor Swift begins calling her friends her Squad and now everyone has to call their BFFs squad members, even if the only secret missions they're going on include tacos and pizza. Call out the irony with this adorbs mug (CupOSmut on Etsy).
  4. I'm pretty sure the word "hustle" was initially used by gang members to describe swindling others for cash. Now there are dozens of printables on Etsy with "hustle" in gold script, so ladies can motivate themselves to amp up their craft businesses (DreamBigPrintables on Etsy).
  5. Drink coffee in your cubicle at your white collar job so people know you are hustlin so hard (GiftIdeasShop on Etsy).
  6. Toting around a bunch of kids in the back of a minivan is so mafia (page261 on Etsy).
  7. Obviously fancy mugs are one of the best perks in the life of a gangster (HuntleighCo on Etsy).
  8. Remind yourself how similar your awkward middle school years were to gang life with this poster (Society6).
  9. Knitting sweaters is so rap culture, am I right, guys? (via Society6)

This post is NOT sponsored by Society6 or by Etsy, but making purchases on either website is a great way to support artists!

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  1. I haven't seen any of these pieces, or the trend of rap lyrics being used in artists designs. Pretty cool looking! I really like the mug! I love shopping on society6! Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. Thanks, Amber!

    I love Society6 mostly for their pillows, but am trying not to constantly buy pillows because I'm told that men feel alienated by furniture where you have to push aside 100s of pillows before sitting down.


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