Bird Brunch!

8:50 AM

Not only is 'bird brunch' a fun thing to say five times fast, it's also a great way for a ladies of all coats and feathers to flock together to celebrate female friendship! I wanted to do something different from the now popular Galentine's day parties, so I threw a small, ladies-only bird brunch!

I feel strongly that every party needs at least one garland, hence the garland and streamers above. Making the bird garland took ages because I have the drawing skills of a five year old. Finally, I realized I could trace my small decorative wooden bird. Huzzah!

My roommate Taylor sewed these adorable napkins, which inspired the color palette for the event.

A lot of starchy foods were on the menu for the bird brunch. We ate potatoes, two kinds of muffins, cucumber sandwiches, and white-bean vegan "sausage" patties. Oh and we had some fruit to balance things out a bit. Pro Tip: Compensate for lack of menu variety by putting exclamation points all over the menu!

As you can see in the photos below, I started using confetti to show which foods were vegan-friendly.

Eating naturally or pretending to eatyou decide:

These banana pecan and double-chocolate muffins are my first attempt to veganize store-bought muffin mixes with egg replacer. Egg replacer is a creepy powder that comes in a box and you mix the powder with water to whip up a paste that looks vaguely like egg whites. I found that using egg replacer makes dense, but delicious muffins! 

We broke out the mimosas and the really wild partying started . . .

. . . posing with mimosas . . .

. . . gesturing with mimosas as we ponder which bird is grand enough to be our favorite . . .

. . . and finally actually drinking our mimosas!

Oh and guess who loved that I decorated with feathers?

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