Our Art Gallery Wall!

8:59 AM

My roommate and I finally hung art above the couch after several weeks of clustering illustrations and frames on the floor in a heap. We are so pleased with the results that I thought I'd share the process!

I read a lot of advice beforehand, the most helpful of which were from Lulu & Georgia and Apartment Therapy. But all that advice didn't stop me from throwing up my hands and yelling out things like, "No matter how I rearrange them, it looks terrible!" Cue Taylor moving things around in about five minutes and coming up with the perfect arrangement.

Here's everything lined up on the floor:

Then we cut brown paper to match the shape of each and stuck them to the wall using washi tape, so we could reposition without pulling out chunks of wall.

There were two open spaces in our design, which I filled in by painting the plastic dinosaurs (from Dinosaur Robot Nacho Party) white and using Command(R) strips to attach them to the wall.

Here's how our finished art wall turned out:

We may switch out the prints at some point, so any suggestions on cheap artwork or adorable printables are very welcome!

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  1. Love this! Did you already have a bunch of white frames, or did you buy them all at once?

  2. Thank you! I already had a bunch of white frames, but Taylor purchased the geometric prints (which came in white frames) from Hobby Lobby, and then I got the small 5" square frames (only $1.99 at Target!) to fill out the design.


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