Dorm Style: Water Lover!

9:28 AM

As I may have mentioned once or twice, my younger sister Rachel recent got her college acceptance letter to her top choice school. I am THRILLED by the news and ridiculously interested in how she chooses to decorate her new home away from home when she moves into a college dorm in the fall.

I fondly remember not knowing anyone when I started college was a great fresh start. I could refashion my image and style myself the new and improved Abby for anyone who was meeting me for the first time. My furnishings at the time were all either bright aqua or bright lime, projecting my optimism and sunny outlook on life in general.

Now that I've chosen items for a space-style dorm room, as well as forest-tastic surroundings for the calm coed, I've found themed items from another part of the natural world: the ocean. This is for the water-loving girl or guy who wants her or his room at the end of a long day to be like a refreshingly cold swim on a blindingly hot day. Here are my picks:

  1. Use this rain drop tumbler to keep a small glass of water by your bedside (from Urban Outfitters).
  2. There's something oceany about this dyed tapestry, which you could use as a wall hanging or drape it over ugly dorm furniture to give the place personality (from Urban Outfitters).
  3. It may not be especially chill to glance at this whale print that possibly depicts impending doom. But like many art prints, the good ones are conversation starters. Start a debate about whether the whale is trying to swallow sailors whole or make new friends (from Society6).
  4. This Igloo fridge is pricey for a mini fridge, but it packs some chill style and is super functional as well (from Urban Outfitters).
  5. Look like a laid-back California beach babe as you saunter to the laundry room with your dirty stuff in tow with this tie-dye laundry bag (from Urban Outfitters).
  6. Remind yourself of ocean getaways with this laptop bag (from Society6). The Isak Dinesen quote reads, "The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea."
  7. These ocean-colored floor cushions are great for friends who lounge on your floor constantly like it's their own personal beach (from Urban Outfitters).
  8. This fold-flat laundry basket has almost nothing to do with the ocean, except it saves space so you can fit more water-related nonsense in your room (from Quirky).
  9. Give a warm nautical welcome to your neighbors by propping your door open with this nautical knot doorstop (from World Market).
This post is not sponsored by Urban Outfitters. (Although, I admit, it would be nice.)

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