Coloring Party!

9:08 AM

It was five minutes to eight, when guests would begin arriving for our coloring party (the first party for my year of parties). Coloring books and colored pencils were arrayed neatly on the coffee table. Snacks were out, music was on, and we were ready to party. Then the power went out.

Our whole apartment complex went dark at the same moment. Friends who were trying to locate our new building in the dark struggled to see the building numbers. Luckily, I have a whole bunch of candles and a boyfriend who is willing to wave a flashlight around for as long as it takes! 

Despite my initial panic at throwing a party in the dark, our guests squinted gamely at our coloring pages and bravely bit into snacks they couldn't identify in the dim light.

When the power went on again mid-party, we were somewhat surprised to see how the coloring was turning out. Choosing the appropriate crayon from a 96-color box is a tad more difficult in the dark. 

I was very pleased with how wholeheartedly everyone threw themselves into coloring the ridiculous scenes from our various books and printed pages.

Now our refrigerator is covered in adult coloring pages! 

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