2016: Year of Parties!

9:50 AM

As I mentioned earlier this month, 2015 was my Year of Adventure. I tried to do new and different things to get myself out of a rut and to remind myself that uncharted territory is more exciting than intimidating.

This year is going to be my year of parties!!! As such, I plan to throw 12 quirky events—a celebration for every month. Last year I threw a confetti-themed bridal shower for my best friend, a dinosaur- and robot-themed nacho work party, and a low-key baby shower brunch with hot air balloon and cloud decorations. But I had a bunch of other party themes that I discussed on my blog (Llama Drama Lady Party, Pyromania Party, Archaeological Dig Party) that I came up with ideas for, but I never actually threw the party. This year I need to go the extra mile and put more of my creative entertaining ideas into action.

I'm an introvert and often my default evening plan is to craft by myself or have a quiet dinner with my boyfriend. I don't have people over a lot, but I always enjoy spending time with friends when I do. So this year I'm going to turn the apartment I share with my new roommate (Shoutout to Taylor!) into a warm place where friends and family feel welcome to hang out.

If you have any suggestions for new and different party ideas, please leave them in the comments section!

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