Wrapping with Fringe!

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When it's time to wrap gifts, I begin to reflect on my relationship with the recipient. I often find that whatever book or kitchen gadget I've wrapped seems inadequate to full convey my love for the recipient and appreciation for everything they've done for or with me in the past year.

So I take great pride in trying to carefully wrap my presents with pretty paper, tie them with fancy ribbons, and add goofy embellishments that say, however softly, "I put effort into this, just like you put effort into our relationship."

This year I put my Martha Stewart fringe scissors to work cutting crepe paper into festive fringe. I love the playfulness of fringe!

Here I went a bit crazy with a combination of ribbon, crepe paper, and pompoms (This turned out not to be a great design for a household with a cat, because my cat Mocha already ripped off one of the pompoms to chase it around the room.):

Here I fringed a strand of crepe paper on one side and rolled it into a small bouquet of sorts, taping it together, and hiding the taped part under a skinny brown ribbon:

Fringe adds rocket-like flair to gift tags:

I love the printing on the bag below, so rather than rewrap this present, I added gold tissue paper and then taped the fringed crepe to the edges of the bag:

What are your ways to add pizzazz to wrapped presents??? 

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