Pyromania Party!

12:05 PM

This week I am sharing my ideas for a good, old-fashioned pyromania party! Before you know it, you'll be throwing a backyard bonfire to celebrate a communal love of fire. If you have a backyard and you don't already have a fire pit, now is the time to buy/make one. Winter is coming! (I'm told this is a Game of Thrones reference that I do not understand.) Anyway, here are my ideas, from the photos above:

  1. Your fire is roaring away in the backyard . . . now what? Invite your friends to bring old tax statements, passive aggressive emails from work, and mementos of anyone who's ever broken up with them to burn burn burn! (image from Steven Leonti on Flickr)
  2. Make some fake fire baskets, because real fire just isn't enough. (tutorial from MakeZine)
  3. Hold your love of flame in your hands! (DIY Transparent handheld flame)
  4. Craft some flames for a cute photo opportunity with kids & adults alike. (Image from Young House Love)
  5. Decorate with fake flames (but be careful not to actually set anything on fire). (Image via Hostess with the Mostess blog)
  6. Roast some marshmallows and then dip them in Bailey's for an alcohol-soaked and messy dessert. (From Recipe Simple)
  7. Campfire cupcakes. My icing skills are not nearly up to par to get anything resembling a campfire, but if anyone else can do this so that people can actually tell what the icing resembles, send pictures! (greatfun4kidsblog)
  8. Matchstick pretzels, so everyone can light a fire in their stomachs (digestion). (image from We Heart Parties)
  9. Slice up some fire-colored bell peppers so your guests have a healthy snack before they gorge themselves on s'mores. (image via Be Envied Entertaining)

Have everyone dress like an arsonist or hobo and then guess who's dressed as what! Oh, and dragon stuff is allowed too, since dragons are old-school pyromaniacs. Have everyone bring assorted foods to roast on sticks. 

Later, when the fire's out, kick things up a notch with the Third Degree Burn Dance Party. Play only fire-themed music and dance like you're on fire!

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