Dorm Style: Space Theme!

2:24 PM

I was THRILLED to find out this week that my sister Rachel got into her top choice college!!! I am so proud of her that I was inspired to share a series presenting a different dorm decor theme in each post, giving my sister ideas for how to put her personal stamp on a bland college dorm room.

The best and worst part of college is that you meet a TON of people. It's one of the few times in life when you're squashed together in close quarters with hundreds of people close to your age and socioeconomic background. While it may seem superficial to focus on how to decorate your living space when you're setting out on a journey to expand your knowledge and experience, I contend that your surroundings give people you meet nonverbal cues about who you are. Curating belongings that contribute to an overall theme gives people entering your space a conversation starter on which you can build lasting friendships.

Rachel, like most everyone right now, loves Star Wars, so I thought a streamlined gray, silver, & black color scheme with spacetastic stuff would suit her well. This design is for the college coed who wants to telegraph that she's ready for new frontiers, that she's open to new ideas. 

  1. Remind yourself to aim high with this "Mission: Shooting Star" art print (from Society6).
  2. Keep school stress in perspective with this art print, aptly titled "The Universe" which shows viewers their place in the universe (from Society6).
  3. This phases of the moon mug (also from Society6). . . just because.
  4. This laundry hamper looks like what I imagine trash cans would be like on spaceships (from IKEA).
  5. Maybe this astronaut laptop bag would remind my sister that we are all just travelers from our own planets, navigating unfamiliar spaces and seeking connections (from Society6).
  6. This handpainted galaxylike mason jar (from Etsy) would be a great place to store pens or loose change.
  7. Hopefully Rachel will be paying attention to her professors, but there is always one who drones on and one while students doodle in their notebooks. For that class, there's this notebook (from Forever21...Can you believe even Forever21 is getting into Star Wars merchandising?)
  8. Be robotically punctual to class with this utilitarian digital alarm clock (from PBTeen).
  9. Keep your rocket fuel (or sodas) cold in this retro-looking fridge (from PBTeen).

Stay tuned for more ideas on dorm decor to pass on to any future college-goers you know!

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