Dorm Style: Political!

11:23 AM

As I mentioned last week, I'm thrilled that my sister Rachel is going to college next year, so I'm coming up with various ways she could style her dorm room. This week's roundup of dorm decor mixes politics and humor, so that anyone visiting your dorm knows you keep up with current events, but still know how to have fun.

  1. Remind your less savvy classmates where all the continents are with this world map art print (society6).
  2. Take a break from studying and read some Hillary Clinton haiku (urbanoutfitters).
  3. Host political discussions and study sessions with this floor pillow (urbanoutfitters).
  4. Make a statement in class with this notebook (FlamingoRoadJournals on Etsy).
  5. School your roommates on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's contributions to the Supreme Court with this flashy biography (urbanoutfitters).
  6. Express your excitement over voting in your first presidential election election with this irreverent vote dog poster (society6).
  7. Slap this Feel the Force removable vinyl bumper sticker on the back of your laptop to present a political campaign everyone can get on board with (SquidPhotos on Etsy)
  8. Share some dark humor, along with hot chocolate, with this North Korea mug (NeuronsNotIncluded on Etsy).
  9. This quirky Japanese flag mug is a great backup mug for when people get offended by your North Korea mug (NeuronsNotIncluded on Etsy).

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