Dorm Style: The Great Outdoors!

9:45 AM

Now that I've featured some wacky space accessories and humorous politics knicknacks, I'm moving on to a more subdued dorm room theme—the great outdoors. This is for the college-goer who wants her surroundings to evoke a calm woodsy forest or a humid tropical jungle. Ironically, most of the stuff I suggest for evoking a rural feeling is from Urban Outfitters:

  1. This laundry hamper has sort of a tribal look to it (from Urban Outfitters). 
  2. This explore travel mug gives you something to daydream about while sipping tea in your 8 am classes (from Society6).
  3. This mug is handwash only, leading me to believe "the adventure" is learning to do your own dishes (from Urban Outfitters).
  4. I love the cute tree-like design of this ceramic dish, which you can use as a way to organize hairties, your watch, etc. (from Urban Outfitters).
  5. Use these twig colored pencils to jot down reminders in your day planner or to color things to relieve stress after a long day (from World Market). 
  6. Flipping through your copy of Exceptional Treehouses can be a great way to stay grounded (pun intended) (from Urban Outfitters). 
  7. Fill the room with fake plants for a no-maintenance way to start your indoor forest (from IKEA).
  8. Carry your love of the outdoors with you with this foggy forest laptop bag (from Society6).
  9. This lampshade is one of many quirky artist-designed lampshades that can give your space a creative, open-minded feeling (via Minted).
  10. Use these sheets with rows and rows of elephants to remind you that you don't have to follow in line with everyone else. Be the elephant that goes rogue (from Urban Outfitters).
  11. This papasan chair (add a cushion, please) is a great pull-out chair for friends to perch on as they recount their own travel adventures in between study sessions (from World Market).
  12. Forest notebooks (from TheTwentyFingers on Etsy) are simply designed, so you'll seem like a calm, focused note-taker to all your professors. 

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