Painted Purse Craft Fail!

10:34 AM

This project did not quite turn out how I planned. See, I had been loving the idea of painting thrift store clutches to be quirky, unique accessories that would provide a pop of color to brighten my fall and winter outfits. I saw these amazing splotchy ones on Aunt Peaches blog and thought I could recreate the creative charm her painted purses exhibit. I've also been digging the statement wallets from BooandBooFactory on Etsy and thinking that making something similar might be my get-rich-quick scheme.

But my visions of myself as an Etsy millionaire didn't pan out as planned. I started off by splatter painting the little silver bag I picked up from the local Goodwill. The tag inside proclaims it's one of those little gift bags you get with a Body Shop purchase, filled with seasonally-themed mini-lotions. Anyway, the splatter painting looked super messy next to Aunt Peaches' evenly-spaced pattern-like splotches. So I painted over that, using fewer colors and trying to create larger splotches of color. But it still looks a bit messy to me.

Then I tried making a zipper pull for this with an Eiffel Tower keychain and a giant painted bead. But the charms flopped awkwardly over the side of the bag, looking more like a kooky afterthought than a cohesive part of the project.

Do I consider this a craft fail? I guess that depends on whether this bag sits forlorn at the top of my closet with my other mini special occasion purses, or if I end up carrying it proudly.

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