Gatherer Party!

8:19 PM

I don't know anything about huntingwhen the season begins, what gear is needed, or even what is the point of hunting when you live in a modern society with large-scale farming and livestock operations. But alas, if anyone you know mentions they're taking to the woods with a hunting party, I suggest you host your own gathering party to show the sort of edible bounty that can be found when one rummages.

Forage through your fridge and make a special spread of nuts, twigs, and berries for your fellow gatherers. Here are my food ideas for your gatherer gathering, from the photos above:

1. Maybe these acorns just fell from a tree. Maybe you spent hours making them. Either way they're adorable and they should find their way onto a party platter and then into your guests' stomachs. (acorn donut holes via Kara's Party Ideas)
2. For caramel apples that look like they came straight from some creepy enchanted forest, plunge a real (cleaned-off) stick down the centers. 
3. Whip up this rustic berry-covered cake.
4. Sit these breadstick snails on a faux log of some sort, semi-hidden behind your toaster or coffee maker and see how long it takes your bros to scent these carby little guys.
5. Scatter some pretzel twigs around for when the berries have all been plucked from their branches. (Image via CatchMyParty)
6. Make like Mario and Luigi and collect as many caprese toadstools as you can. 

Now it's time to set the scene with the following foresty touches.

1. Roll out this moss table runner, so your breadstick snails have something to inch along.
2. Hang up a pinecone garland. Make one from real pinecones and pine needles so everything smells like pine! (Or maybe that's the pine-scented candle secretly burning nearby.)
3. I strongly recommend you use these birch paper straws to drink whatever strange punch you come up with, calling it "tree juice." Bonus points if tree juice is just watered-down maple syrup and you can get people to drink it.
4. Customize tote bags to show that gathering is just as fetch as hunting. (This one from West Elm is totes sold out.)

Happy gathering, folks!

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