Throwing an Archaeological Dig Party!

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There are so many reasons to throw an archaeological dig– themed house party. Maybe you're hosting a birthday bash for a friend who only wears cargo shorts. Maybe you're trying to justify that pile of maps you keep hording in your bedroom closet. Maybe an older friend of yours got dumped and you want to really drive home that analogy about there being lots of fossils still out there in the sand. No matter the reason, pull on those plastic goggles and get ready to excavate!

How to Decorate

Decorating for a party like this is a snap, since you'll use a bunch of things you already have to create an indoor campground. Here are my tips for setting the scene (from photo above):

  1. Hang bedsheets from the ceiling to fashion makeshift tents. 
  2. Make a flameless fire using twinkle lights, rocks, sticks, aluminum foil, glue, and lace (tutorial via Free People blog).
  3. Use maps and globes everywhere to get that global vibe. Any archaeologist worth her salt will tell you that the whole point of the career is giving yourself a viable academic excuse to travel. If you want to go that extra mile, tea-stain some maps to make them look old and add cryptic symbols luring readers to a particular spot. 
  4. Dim the lights and put some votives in lanterns to get that out-in-the-darkness-of-the desert feeling. The ones in the picture above are from World Market

What to Eat

Now that you've invited over your nearest and dearest to see your tented, dimly-lit living space, give them something to nosh on as they contemplate history. Here's my list of edibles from the picture above:
  1. Whip up a batch of edible sand to amuse and nourish your guests (Tutorial at Better yet, whip up several batches of edible sand, fill a few baking pans with it, and hide treats within for guests to find using clean chisels and brushes.
  2. Make Martha Stewart's fossil cookies for your lazier guests who'd rather celebrate found objects than dig for their snacks.
  3. Make fossil chocolates using this food mold from SaharaSupplies on Etsy and bury them in the edible sand, so guests can dig around for treats, while speaking loftily of sabbaticals, peer-reviewed journal articles, and graduate assistants. 
  4. Make this bone bread from SugarJunkieConfessions to bury in the edible sand and yell at anyone who finds one that they've disturbed an Indian burial ground and a curse is upon them.

What to Wear

Now, I know you're saying to yourself, "Of course I'd throw this party, but silly me, I don't have anything to wear." With these vaguely theme-related wearables, you'll be furthering the debate about what archaeologists really wear, before you can say "It belongs in a museum!" 
  1. Dress like that one lady from The Mummy. I fell asleep during the movie, so I don't really feel qualified to expand on this any further. But apparently someone on Polyvore has assembled this collection of clothes from around the web so you can dress like her.
  2. Get your Indiana Jones on with a safari hat that comes with an adjustable neck strap to keep your hat on in case you're in an imaginary camel chase across Turkey. (No joke: you can buy a dozen of these hats for $25 from Oriental Trading.)
  3. Craft your own explorer vest and binoculars with this tutorial from Real Simple. These tutorials are so simple that I really worry for your sanity if they take you more than ten minutes.
Now dust off those dance skills and meet me in the living room for a desertscape dance party!

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  1. Another great post! I would actually have this party!


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