Maple Bacon Cupcakes!

2:26 PM

For my office Halloween party, I made these tasty maple cupcakes with maple icing and bacon topping. I followed the Maple Cupcakes recipe from Martha Stewart Cupcakes, though I was skeptical about putting two whole cups of maple syrup in the batter. Most of the maple flavor seems to bake away and you're left with subtly maple-flavored cakes.

Martha's book suggests you top these with homemade marzipan maple leaves, but who has time for that nonsense? I topped mine with Betty Crocker's Maple Bacon icing, which is a tub of strongly-maple-flavored store bought icing that comes with bacon crumbles you can sprinkle over the top like a mini confetti celebration. If I made these again, I would definitely stud the batter with bacon as well, so they would be filled with bacony goodness!

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