Crafty Costumes from Around the Web!

9:59 AM

I'm thrilled about the growing popularity of homemade Halloween costumes. While there are lots of great store-bought get-ups, it's wonderful to see people using their imaginations to inject some fun into everyday life!

As I've been pinning my cute costume ideas to Pinterest, it occurred to me that my favorites fall into several categories of adorable.

Silver Stuff!

I love any excuse to dress in glittery, silvery nonsense!

1. Disco Ball -  (via Oh Happy Day!)
2. Tooth Fairy - This is where Lauren Conrad shows us she looks great in everything. Also, it's a non-wedding excuse to wear tulle. Win. (photo via PopSugar)

Wes Anderson Movie-related Costumes!

I adore Wes Anderson's moviesthe offbeat humor, unexpected plot twists, the stylized sets, and the streamlined color palettes. 

4. Royal Tenebaums (via Oh Happy Day!)
5. Grand Budapest Hotel (via Sugar and Cloth)
6. Moonrise Kingdom (via Say Yes)


These fluffy bird costumes give my heart wings, especially that adorable little chicken.

7. Chicken - This little chicken is pretty much the most adorable child I've ever seen. To me it stands to reason that an adult looking to gain favor over adorable children should look no further than this costume.  (via Martha Stewart)
8. Flying Bird - I love that this DIY includes a paper beak. (via Paper Stitch Blog)
9. Flamingo Owl - Because who says you can't be some weird hybrid bird. (via Bargain Briana)

Happy almost-Halloween!!!!

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