Cake Toppers!

10:09 AM

There are so many fun ways to jazz up a simple cake for any occasion!! I started to collect festive cake images and found that all the best ones feature playful pops of color on white cakes. Here are a few of my favorite pizzazz-adding cake toppers from around the web:

  1. Channel the lyrics of 50 cent with this festive topper (chiarabelle on Etsy).
  2. Show everyone what sound your plastic animals make when forced to do double-duty as guardians of the cake. 
  3. Use gumdrops to create a candy forest, for all your forest-themed celebrations. (Marzipan Tree Cake Decorations via Oh Happy Day)
  4. Put a bird on it. Better yet, put two birds on it. (Flamingo Cake Topper via BHLDN)
  5. Any exclamation of sheer joy looks adorable atop your dessert creations. I also heartily approve of any dessert decorations that proclaim Yay! or Huzzah! (Hooray Cake Topper via Emilysteffen on Etsy)
  6. How dear are these deer? So dear. (photo via MiAmoreFoto)
  7. Fabric bunting is such a cheap and colorful way to adorn your baked goods, and it's a great way to use any extra fabric scraps. (AFeteBeckons on Etsy
  8. I just like how this one tells it like it is (unless that's actually a styrofoam round covered with icing). (via Coco Cake Land)
  9. Spell out your message with gum letters. It's cheap and three-dimensional! (Though obviously there should be a gum comma after "birthday" in the photo above.) (Photo via Maiko Nagao)

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