5 Steps to Partying Like It's Fall!

4:14 PM

Want to show the world that you know what equinox it is?!!! Here's my handy guide to setting the scene like you know what season it is. (It's fall.)

1. Offer pumpkin-flavored treats. 

My top picks for satisfying the pumpkin-flavor lust that hits all Americans during flu season like some sort of strange, undiagnosed virus:

  • Pumpkin Bread Pudding (recipe from Epicurious)
  • Spiced Pumpkin Doughnuts (recipe from Better Homes & Gardens)
  • Pumpkin Roll (recipe from Gimme Some Oven
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes (There are a million DIY recipes for recreating the Starbucks goodness at home using canned pumpkin and a million spices. Nobody has time for that. Just go to Starbucks, buy a full container of pumpkin spice flavor syrup, and use the syrup, along with espresso and microwaved or stove-heated milk to make these cheaply at home.) 

2. Make everything smell like cinnamon.

If you have people coming over and they're beginning to describe the air outside as "crisp," your guests will appreciate if the normal stench of your place is covered by a welcoming waft of cinnamony goodness. I use cinnamon-scented pinecones. But why not go wild and just sprinkle visitors with cinnamon-laced confetti as they enter your home?

3. Sweater up.

You've heard Barney Stinson advise pretty much everyone on How I Met Your Mother to Suit upnow it's time to Sweater up. While it's too soon for the Ugly Sweater Parties of the holiday season (seriously, why did this become a trend?), it's high time you threw on a nice knit and cozied up your wardrobe.

4. Put a garland on it.

Garlands the colors of fall leaves are a great way to bring the colors of the outdoors inside. I've seen a few where crafts have strung up pinecones or fake leaves that look adorable. I made the one below with fabric scraps and twine and added it to the plastic vines that already grace my apartment walls (totes normal). I may be a tiny bit garland-obsessed.

5. Decorative gourds everywhere.

Woe to the homeowner who does not liberally festoon every open corner with decorative gourds. Pop a pumpkin into every corner of your home and instantly everyone will feel more relaxedespecially if you have one of these pumpkin keg-tapping kits from Urban Outfitters. Below, my green outdoor pumpkin, scaring off spiders with its unusual color choices.

Oh and here's some random stuff from around the web about fall!

How to Give Your Reading Routine a Fall-Tastic Makeover - Quirk Books blog
Fall Foliage Prediction Map - Smokey Mountains National Park
An Open Letter to Pumpkin-Flavored Seasonal Treats - McSweeney's

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  1. I do love fall and yes, my house has several groupings of gourds and pumpkins, knitted leaf garlands, half a dozen boxes of pumpkin spice chai tea and I am knitting another cozy fall sweater while dreaming of pumpkin baked goods!! Great post!


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