Throwing a Llama Drama Lady Party!

8:42 AM

What is a llama drama lady party, you ask. Well, it's when you gather a bunch of your best gal pals for a llama-themed celebration and dish the dirt about all the drama that's swirling in your lives. This is the time and place to name names and tell the ladies who you'd spit on if you were a llama. As far as I know, everybody likes llamas, so this is an excellent and memorable theme for your next girls' night.

Here are the must-haves, shown in the picture above:

  1. Llama stamp - Use this to make garlands, stamp paper napkins and generally adorable-ize your party space and make it llama-rific. 
  2. Llama gift tags - If a friend needs cheering up, get her a just-because mini-gift and add llama tags. Because why not, that's why.
  3. Llama - I think this little guy needs to be your personal mascot from now on. Partly because he's adorable and partly because I think it's hilarious that the fur on this "llama" is made from alpaca, so it's called an Alpaca Llama. 
  4. Llama cookie cutter - Because every celebration deserves cookies, and every llama celebration deserves llama-shaped cookies. Oh and apparently these are handmade in Kansas.
  5. Llama blanket - Cozy up on the couch with this adorable llama blanket.
  6. Llama nail decals - Make a statement nail with these llama nail art decals.
  7. Llama cake topper - I think a llama cake topper would be welcome atop any sort of foodstuff. Offhand, I'm thinking these guys might traverse a taco plate or perch on a pie.
  8. Llama rug -  With this llama rug, the girls will know you're serious about sticking to the theme of this party, and that you're a lady who knows how to appreciate a good llama. Is it weird that I think this rug would also have made great wall art? (This was from Urban Outfitters, but is unfortunately no longer available. Society6 strangely has dozens of llama rugs if you're looking for something similar.)
  9. Llama ornament DIY - They're not just for Christmas anymore! Now you, too, can have glittery llamas pointlessly festooning your interiors. You're welcome. 

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  1. Oh, so cute!! The kindergarten teacher me LOVES the rhyming title: llama drama. I have several of the children's books by Anna Dewdney. Great post!!

  2. Thanks! I do love a good rhyme every now and then. Stay tuned for posts like "Arty Dance Party," "Oat Moat Breakfast," and "Meat Treats."


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