Painted Globe!

2:08 PM

Inspired by many of the fun painted globes I've seen on the internet, I decided to give an old dented, rust-covered globe a little makeover.

Below are a few painted globes from around the web that inspired the project.

1. PrettyLittleDoodads on Etsy
2. WildandFreeDesigns on Etsy
3. WildandFreeDesigns on Etsy

This outdated representation of the world—it still includes the USSR—sits on top of the bookshelf where I keep travel books.

I painted the base a consistent silver and used a paint market to trace around the continents so that each landmass stands out.

And then added "Explore" and "Adventure!" to the water.

In the end, I think I succeeding in making my globe a bit more inspiring, so that seeing it jogs my wanderlust, reminding me what a vast place our planet is, and how very little of it I've seen.

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  1. Very clever you are!!!! I believe I have a globe somewhere in the basement! I may have to find it! I also found a partial can of my favorite spray paint color: Oil Rubbed Bronze." You inspire me to try new things!! Love you!


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