Make Your Fridge Fancy with Magnetic Photo Frames!

8:06 PM

People keep way too much crap on their fridges: invitations to parties that happened long ago, coupons, kids' primitive drawings, magnets with phone numbers for the closest pizza places, and lists of things to do that never get done. So I propose we class up the front of the fridge, even if all that's inside is barbecue sauce and hard cider (Don't judge).

To that end, I propose we add framed photos to the front of the refrigerator and keep it a well decorated part of the house, not to be fouled up by random scraps of paper you found at the bottom of your purse.

I scored these 4x6" wood frames from Goodwill for $2 each. I spiffed them up with blue craft paint (Multi Surface Premium Satin Acrylic in Tide Pool by Craft Smart), sealed them with Mod Podge, and fixed magnet squares to the wooden frames. The magnets have a sticky backing, but since the frames are decently heavy and I'll be opening and slamming shut the refrigerator door at top speeds (just because I can), I thought it would be best to reinforce the magnets. So I affixed the magnets to the frames with my handy dandy glue gun, and I only burned myself once.

Now my pics of my wacky friends can judge me every time I grab a frozen pizza from the fridge!

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