Easy Office Crafts for Brighter, Happier Workdays!

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I've been wanting to add pizzazz to my workspace for awhile. There's something about having a drab, just like-everyone-else's cubicle at work that makes me want to go crazy and personalize everything in sight. I'm reminded of the beginning of first grade when I was so upset about having to wear a uniform. I sobbed that no one would know which one I was. So apparently as an adult, I still want everyone to know which one I am: the one with the adorable cubicle. So here are my crafty tips for trying to make work more fun by adding cuteness to my surroundings.

Paint Your Supplies

It's a major power trip to take home your company-issued goods and spray paint them on your porch, cackling maniacally as the shiny paint coats the dull surfaces. I spray painted my scissors, stapler, and tape dispenser silver, adding a subtle sheen. The bookend was only $3 at a thrift store, so I painted that to match, and I think it classes up the place a bit.

Add Eyes

Add googly eyes to everything. Trust me on this one. Most craft stores sell various sizes for only a dollar or two and they are just so weird and funny on pretty much everything. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming up new places to put these and your work stress will melt away. Adding googly eyes to my stapler, tape dispenser, and camel pencil holder was one of the easiest, most rewarding projects ever.

Hang up a Garland

Then my crafting motor really started going and I made the book garland (see Martha Stewart for how-to). Because my company publishes books about real estate, I thought making a garland that includes mini books and tiny Monopoly-style house shapes was theme-appropriate. I love using party decor to add festiveness to everyday life, and I think any kind of subtle garland is great way to make going to work a little more fun.

Organize with Style

I am one of those obsessive people who likes to know exactly where everything is, and believes every item should have its own home. So had a lot of fun making little felt boxes (tutorial from How About Orange) to house my office supplies. Nestled in my desk, there are now about a dozen of these effectively corralling paperclips and push pins, so I can find what I need at a moment's notice. These would be easy to make if I knew how to use a glue gun without burning myself.

Just Add Confetti

And because this is Confetti Casserole, of course I had to make my own batch of just-in-case office confetti! You never know when someone's going to make an announcement that would seem more festive if you tossed weird giant handmade confetti at them. To make confetti large enough to be easy cleaned up, I cut large triangles of felt and spiraled or accordion-folded strips of paper. I still might punch out some company logo confetti, just to add that extra bit of brand loyalty. Nothing says team player like having a mound of company confetti in your desk!

What do you do to make work feel less like work?

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  1. So cute and very stylish!! I love it all! How about some spray painted silver pumpkins for fall? Love you sweetie!

    1. Ooh I might have to add silver pumpkins! Good idea.

  2. These are darling! You have great ideas!


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